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    specializes in providing dental braces, especially invisible braces

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    A Line Dental Braces Clinic Pte Ltd specializes in providing dental braces, especially invisible braces.


    We are professionally committed to every patient, and ensure quality care throughout your entire treatment process.

    We believe in creating beautiful and natural looking smiles that are uniquely designed to the individual while actively promoting oral health. Every step from smile design to completion is undertaken with the utmost care, skill and attention to detail.

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  • Dr Tan Lam Seng


    Dr Tan Lam Seng received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 1988. He was awarded a University medal in 1986 for being the top student in his year. From 1992 to 1995, he went on a government scholarship to study orthodontics.


    In 1994, he obtained the Diploma in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, followed by the Master of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 1995. Dr Tan was admitted as a fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontists in 1996. He is an active member of the Association of Orthodontists, Singapore and the Singapore Dental Association. In 1998, he attained the Fellowship and was placed on the Roll of Specialists of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.


    Dr Tan places great importance on Continuing Professional Education and participates actively in dental meetings and congresses, both locally and internationally. He has published in the European Journal of Orthodontics and presented in the Congress of the International Association of Dental Research.

  • Types of Malocclusion

    Here, we highlight some of the more common teeth problems faced by many people today. If your teeth resemble any of the following, you should learn about the various braces that will help you correct these problems.

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    Spacing may be present due to the following scenarios:

    • Presence of smaller teeth or larger jaws
    • Congenitally missing teeth 
    • Loss of teeth due to extractions or trauma

    It may be unaesthetic and increases the risks of food trap between teeth that may lead to decay in the future.

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    Crowding may be present due to the following scenarios:

    • Presence of larger teeth or smaller jaws
    • Over-retained baby teeth
    • Presence of supernumeraries (extra tooth)

    It is more difficult to brush and floss the teeth when there is crowding, hence increasing the risks of food trap between teeth that may lead to decay in the future.

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    Protruding teeth (Overjet)

    Teeth that protrude out are unaesthetic and may lead to speech problems. It increases the risks of trauma to the front teeth too.


    This is usually due to teeth overcrowding and can be easily corrected with braces and extractions.

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    Deep Bite (Overbite)

    Deep bite causes trauma to the soft tissue behind the upper front teeth and that may lead to ulceration and pain. 


    It is advisable to correct the deep bite so that the soft tissue will not be injured when you bite.

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    Open Bite

    Open bite can be due to habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. It can be associated with skeletal discrepancies such as a steep lower jaw.


    This may cause difficulty in speech and the ability to chew efficiently.


    It is advisable to correct the bite and change the habits so that you can chew and digest better.

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    Cross Bite

    Cross bite can be due to malpositioning of teeth or it can be associated with skeletal discrepancies such as a longer lower jaw. 


    It is advisable to correct the crossbite so that you can eat better and it can decrease the risks of joint or muscle pain. By treating it early, you may be able to avoid jaw surgery in future. 

  • Types of Braces

    Our practice pride ourselves on offering a wide range and types of braces available in the market to cater to different age groups and their needs. 


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    Metal Braces


    Made from stainless steel, these are the most popular type of braces used. Many patients enjoy having different colors placed on their braces as a means of personal expression and fun. Because it's so simple to change the colors, feel free to swap them at every visit.

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    Ceramic Braces


    Clear ceramic braces are an aesthetic alternative for those who don't want their braces to show as much. Clear braces move your teeth in exactly the same way as metal braces do. Like metal braces, they are extremely comfortable to wear and very efficient at moving teeth.

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    Maestro Clear Aligners


    Clear Aligner straightens your teeth, not with brackets or wires, but with a series of clear, customized, removable appliances we made from our lab. Click on the video below to find out more!

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    $6000- $8000

    Invisalign® is an alternative to conventional braces that straightens your teeth with a series of clear, customized, removable appliances made from US.

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    Removable Braces

    These braces consist of plastic plates with metal wires to move teeth. Usually, they are used together with fixed braces to get better overall results.

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    Auxiliary Devices

    Headgear and functional appliance etc.

  •  Clear Aligners



    Package Price includes

    • consultation fee (worth $25)

    • X-ray

    • Study Model

    • Reviews and adjustments till braces completion

    • Complimentary scaling upon removal of braces

    • 2 sets of plastic retainers

    Excludes: Extraction, Scaling, Fillings, Extra gadget.





    Clear Retainers



    To fabricate a set of retainers, a new set of impressions will be taken and the retainers will be available for collection within a week.


    For all patients who had braces done at A Line Dental Braces Clinic Pte Ltd, you will enjoy a special rate of $160 per set (upper and lower) retainers.


    For other patients, it will cost $200 per set (upper and lower) retainers.


  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is Orthodontics?

    Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of malalignment of the teeth and jaws. Usually this involves the use of braces that are fixed to the teeth.

    Will braces cause pain?

    The first time you wear braces, there will be some discomfort when you eat. This usually disappears after about 10 days. You should try eating soft food to lessen the discomfort.


    With the use of modern technology, such as thermal wires, and the use of light forces, wearing braces is not as painful as in the past.

    I am still apprehensive about wearing braces.

    Most people are apprehensive about starting something new and unknown. This prevents them from seeking treatment to improve their smile and bad bite.


    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step


    The first step is to find out as much as you can on braces. It is also advisable to have a consultation with an orthodontist to address questions that are specific to yourself. Our consultation charge is $25 and you can ask as many questions as you like. There is no obligation for you to start treatment. If you decide to have the recommended treatment, then the consultation fee will be offset from the braces fee.

    What are the benefits of wearing braces?

    Braces can create a beautiful smile by straightening and moving protruding teeth inward. An unattractive smile can affect a person's self esteem and confidence.


    Some bad bites can cause speech and chewing problems. Braces will also help to address these problems.

    When should I see an orthodontist?

    Generally braces are put on after the last milk tooth has dropped, i.e. about 11 to 12 years of age. However it is better to see an orthodontist at age 8 to 9 to have an assessment as sometimes, early treatment may be beneficial to the growth of the jaw bones and/or to prevent complications.

    Are braces suitable for adults?

    In recent years, more adults are seeking braces treatment to improve their smile. They see it as an investment on themselves. All adults should maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, and sometimes they may need braces to help them achieve this. 1 in 5 braces patients is over 21 years old! Also, over time, adults may experience bone loss or gum disease, which can be prevented with proper orthodontics procedures.


    Many of our adult patients choose to use clear aligners, so no one has to know you are wearing braces!

    Is extraction necessary?

    In some cases, extraction is necessary to create space for the teeth to straighten. However not all cases requires extraction and it is best that you see an orthodontist to check whether you need extraction.

    Can I pay by instalments?

    Yes, treatment fee may be paid by monthly installments.

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